The Passion

Inspired by an appreciation of the tradition of classic Coachbuilders such as Bertone, Zagato and Pininfarina. The BAEVantare is born from the ambition and passion of three men to create an exquisite and extremely exclusive British grand touring automobile. A joint aspiration to marry traditional techniques and designs with state-of-the-art hybrid materials to create a superlative modern classic.

The Dream

The individual design and longtime wish of British Automotive Engineering’s adeptly experienced coachbuilder. For a decade the BAEVantare existed solely as a design dream of Quartermaster, Mr Brian Hale. An extremely talented design engineer with over 35 years of practical experience, having skilfully designed and hand-built over one hundred specialist performance cars.

In 2017 Project BAEVantare was brought to life by project driving force Mr Bradley Walsh (TV Producer, Former Rolls Royce Aircraft engineer & Eclectic Car Collector) and long time friend, Mr Mark Harrison (Classic Car specialist and entrepreneur).

THE Creation

Thousands of hours were invested at the research and development facility. As the sleek and muscular body form evolved and developed, each alteration vastly improved the appearance and further accentuated the BAEVantare’s remarkable and unique figure.

After near on two years of design refinement alone, the iconic yet contemporary vision was actualised. Moving to stage 2. Project BAEVantare promptly launched into the production of a prototype where a further two years were spent developing and perfecting the BAEVantare.


In July 2021 British Automotive Engineering revealed the first of the limited series of ten cars. The BAEVantare 001 was warmly embraced with compliments from classic and modern performance car enthusiasts, classic car owners and classic car traditionalists. The BAEVantare has subsequently taken a front row display at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Revival and The Silverstone Classic attracting such positive attention and receiving such incredible feedback wherever it goes.

British Automotive Engineering are very proud to present the first of ten BAEVantare Grand Tourers to the British roads and looks forward to producing the BAEVantare GT in line with each owner’s bespoke requests and input.

Production of the BAEVantare GT will be limited to approximately 3 to 4 cars per year.

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