A planned Ten very special vehicles are scheduled to be built. Each vehicle will be unique and can be specified to your individual preference.

The Exterior Body Finish

The BAEVantare is an expression of each owners taste and individuality. We offer the customer full input into the Paint finishing process. Using a state of the art paint system and selecting from from Historic Manufacturer paint pallets through to modern colours and finishes.

Wheel Finish Options

As a homage to the beautiful hand made spoked wheels as fitted to Aston Martin cars from the 1960’s, we have created an exquisite 20 inch Milled Billet Aluminium wheel set for the BAEVantare. Each of the bespoke wheels is fitted with a central Aluminium Spinner. These modern and unique wheels allow the car to run modern high performance tyres whilst featuring the style of a historic sports car. We offer a full range of Paint and Chrome effect wheel finishes.

Passenger Compartment

The Sumptuous BAEVantare Passenger Compartment is fully modernised in terms of Design, Technology and Ventilation. Each vehicle benefits from Bespoke interior Leatherwork in a variety of historic and modern colours. The Seats can be re-sculpted to add a more sporting level of support. Hard surfaces are faced in Polished Aluminium and Hand laid Carbon fibre. Cockpit Air vents are thoroughly redesigned and reconfigured adding a distinctive retro style to the dash facia. Each vehicle is fitted with an upgraded entertainment system with 9-inch central display screen supporting Modern Satellite Navigation, DAB Audio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Branded Touring Luggage Set

Touring Ride and Power Enhancement package

  • Engine Enhancement: 2005+ 450-520bhp 
  • Engine Enhancement: 2008+ 470-550bhp

Stage 1 upgrades

  • Secondary Catalyst Upgraded
  • Air Box upgraded

Stage 2 upgrades

  • Secondary Catalyst Upgraded to Sport specification
  • Exhaust Manifolds upgraded to remove primary catalysts
  • ECU remap for gains in bhp and economy
  • High Lift Inlet Cams Upgrade
  • Air Box upgraded

Exhaust upgrade

  • Uprated Rear Exhaust Box fitted to Improve flow & add volume

Chassis upgrades

  • Bilstein 2008+ Shock Absorber upgrade
  • Big Brake Kit upgrade
  • Upgraded Chassis Stiffening

Details & Pricing provided upon request.

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